Gerret Frerichs

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34-year-old Gerret Frerichs, behind projects such as HUMATE, started playing drums at the age of 7. The following 10 years he played together in different bands and developped himself on the other hand to become an excellent club-DJ. The Acid-House trend of 1988/89 allowed him to decide to connect his DJ-activities with his own productions and dedicate his life to the dance-floor in a professional way. With appearances all over Europe, Australia, USA and Hong Kong, Humate became one of the most appreciated live-acts and is in great demand for many big and important events all over the world. He of course also played the biggest german festivals as MAYDAY and NATURE ONE. Gerretīs high standard of production let him grow to one of the most serious producers of modern dance music.

other projects: Jens, Gee Shock, Humate, Goldfinger

Loops & Tings by Jens Buy
release-date: 28.08.2000 | 2829-6 | 12 inch  

A | 1 - Jens: Loops & Tings (Fruit Loops Remix) stream | download
produced 2000 | produced by Jens Mahlstedt, Gerret Frerichs | remixed by Jens Mahlstedt, Gerret Frerichs

B | 1 - Jens: Loops & Tings stream | download
produced 2000 | produced by Jens Mahlstedt, Gerret Frerichs

Additional Information:
Originally released in 1993, the record blew the roof off many clubs in many countries, it was charting around the world back in '94 & recently in 1998 in Holland (with new mixes by Bervoet & De Goeij).
The original always ruled DJ's boxes and car stacks, even though there were cover versions made time amd time again.
Half a decade later and it's available again as a Superstition Classics with all new mastering and cutting.