Dubmission is back! 18.08.2005
One of Berlin's most legendary party will get started again on 23.09.2005 at Club Kapital, Berlin! Dubmission became famous in Berlin around beginning of the 90's, celebrated some awesome partys in around 10 years history. Now, after a pause of 5 years, it's time to restart this storied donnybrook.
Mijk van Dijk, Thomas Schumacher and Wimpy will play this exciting night and more partys are to come. Watch out!

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Entering the Broadway 03.02.2005
Friedrich Dürrenmatt´s "Die Physiker" at Deutsches Theater Berlin complete with its score from Jens Mahlstedt has just been invited to show on New York´s Broadway later this year as well. The Berlin Premiere will be on April 28. The play is directed by Andras Fricsay.

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The open air season continues ... 21.07.2004
... with Mijk van Dijk... he will play several live shows on German Open Air Festivals this summer including the renowned Nature One on July 31 and Liberty One on August 21st. Go and get sun :-)

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New 12" by Mijk van Dijk 05.07.2004
Mijk van Dijk is going to release a new 12" of his Loopzone project on Hannover based Ghostline Records. The track is called "Realtime" and beside phat beats and hooklines it got a great sample of the TV serie "24". Be aware.

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Don Carlos vs. Jens Mahlstedt 15.06.2004
Jens Mahlstedt just finished his work on another stage play. His soundtrack referring to Friedrich Schiller's classic play "Don Carlos" is based on vintage 70s and 80s slashers and horror movies. "Don Carlos", directed by Andras Fricsay, is now showing for at least one year at Staatstheater Wiesbaden. For more infos, please follow the links below.

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Oliver Lieb DJ Set 28.05.2004
On rotationz.be, a belgium internet radio show, no one less than Mr. Oliver "L.S.G." Lieb will play a banging 2 hours Techno set on Sunday, 23.05.2004, from 22 til 24 hrs CET. Just follow the link below and enjoy two hours of splendid Techno. Don't miss it!

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Mijk van Dijk on air 31.03.2004
Mijk van Dijk is invited by Tom Wax on Radio You FM to take part in his show named You FM Sounds on April, 1st, from 9 p.m. - 11 p.m. cet. You FM, the former HR XXL, well known for the famous Clubnights, can be received via cable and aerial in Hessen / Germany, but is also live streaming on the net. Check out the link below! By the way: No april fool's joke!

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The Best of LSG out now in Australia & the UK 29.03.2004
The Best Of L.S.G. is released this week in Australia and the UK. Canda & Japan will follow within the next weeks!

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Decade The Mix competition ended 28.03.2004
Thanks everbody who took part in our Decade The Mix competition! And here are the winners: The first prize, the Superstition Megapack, goes out to Sven from Kiel. The 2nd to 10th prizes (all essential Superstition CDs) are for Lesha from Serbia, Tommy from Melby, Markus from Berlin, Santtu from Tampere, Matt from London, Julien from Lyon, Elaine from LA, George from Athens and Sid from Melbourne. The 11th to 25th prize (20 free downloads) are for Matty from Southport, Jenilyn from Lindenhurst, Steven from Wembley, Ramon from Amsterdam and too many to mention here. You'll get your notifications shortly.

If you like competitions for prizes, please check the new L.S.G competiton in the pop up window of this site!

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New L.S.G. Desktop Picture Online 11.03.2004
After a bunch of requests here we are: check the new Desktop Picture of L.S.G.. The great artwork f the new album for your Screen ;-)

Just jump into the Gallery section and download it in the sizes of 1280x1024 or 1289x855 pixels.

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